Important Registration Information for Parents - READ NOW

Posted on Aug 14 2014 - 8:05pm
Hello Troop 236 Parents!
Can you believe we’re heading into a new scout and school year? 
While summer has been slipping away too quickly, our diligent team of young  leaders have been working hard, with the goal of planning a new 236 calendar which surpasses all previous years.
From all of you, it’s time to take Elvis Presley’s advice and TCB (that’s “Taking Care of Business. Hail to the King, Baby).
Next Friday, August 22, 2014, 7pm-9pm at CPC, we’re getting down to business and hosting the troop’s Welcome Back Kick Off for the parents and adult leaders of our awesome boys of T236. 
We’re counting on you to join us next week for four simple goals:  
First, we need you to confirm that your information on the troop file is up to date.  There will be a table with your scout’s profile to review.   
Second, arrive with a check to renew your upcoming membership dues:
  • Returning Scout Dues: $200 (Plus optional $12 for Boys Life)
  • Early bird discount: $20 off ($180 total) if payment is received by 9/18/13
  • Sibling Dues: $110/scout
  • Make Checks payable to Troop 236
Third, we need your executed Behavioral Contract, signed by parent and scout.
Finally, we want your Parent Questionnaire Survey
We can’t make this a world class troop without you. 
Everyone has a gift they can offer to our boys. 
Whether it’s:
Your outdoor experience in the capacity of an Assistant Scout Master,
Or your special skills in the area of Merit Badge counselling (Stamp Collecting, Dog Care, Golf?)
Or your experience in administration and logistics and planning
Or even your ability to help drive your scout and a few others to an outdoor activity
We Need You!
We’re all in this together, namely, to make scouting in Troop 236 the best experience for our boys.     
We are looking forward to meeting you,
John and Ammy Pluth – Committee Chairs

Scout year starting soon - plan your SMC and your BOR soon!

Posted on Aug 13 2014 - 10:39am

Hi scouts,

as some of you are starting school this week and some are getting ready to start soon, our scouting year will start soon as well. You were very busy over the summer working on your merit badges and getting you skills signed off so you can advance to your next rank. If you have completed all the requirements, it is time to schedule your Scoutaster conference and after completing that, schedule your Board of Review. The BOR dates have been posted on the troop calendar and the schedule is wide open right now. So plan ahead and see what needs to be completed so you can advance to the next rank!


Posted on Aug 5 2014 - 6:18am

Thank you for your interest in Seabase.  Due to the limitation of the crew size, not all who signed up can go.  The 16 Selected Scouts are listed on the web page http://www.bsatroop236.org/node/3151 under Attendee List.  All registrations are updated with the status of ‘SELECTED – please pay’ or ‘Waitlist’.  If we were not able to get you in, your registration has been changed to ‘Regret’.  We will decide on the 4 Adults participants at a later date.

BOR dates posted on the Troop calendar!

Posted on Jul 20 2014 - 5:29pm

Hope everyone is having a great summer! I hear that a lot of scouts worked very hard on completing their requirements for rank advancement at camps ! Good job! I am looking forward to scheduling your Board of Review!


Posted on Jul 2 2014 - 11:34pm

Registration for our first outings of the new school year; Mount Tam (Sept 20), Advance Camp (Sept 27) and Lake Chabot (Oct 25) are open for registration.  Alcatraz Summer overnight has reached maximum capacity and is closed. 

Congratulations to our Camporee Scouts!

Posted on Jun 26 2014 - 5:14pm

Howdy Scouts of Troop 236!

Last weekend, some of our boys of 236 participated in the Wild West Camporee at Los Mochos Ranch in Livermore.  This is a district wide weekend event of camping and healthy competition between the local troops, where boys get to meet scouts from all over the Meridian District and test their scouting skills. 

 Following a rigorous uniform inspection, the boys set up camp, and readied themselves for a long day of skills testing, troop vs. troop, 41 teams in total, on a playing field of 15 possible events.   Moreover, each troop ran one of the events, including hatchet throwing, knot tying, archery, shooting, and even comedy skit acting.

 While normally a greater number of scouts turn out, a change in scheduling resulted in only nine of our troop 236 boys attending, forming an elite patrol of patrols who named themselves the “Jelly Beanz.”  Why Jelly Beanz?  Because they had no fear!

 Two older, experienced 236er’s ran the Pancake Flipping booth event, while the remaining six, tough scouts competed on the playing field against impossible odds, unfair numbers of patrols and blazing heat.  They passed a rigorous camp inspection, and a test of scouting spirit as well.

 What happened?  I tell you what, the boys did an amazing job!   At the end of the day, Troop 236 shared the top Presidential Award ribbon with another patrol in the tougher, more competitive Experienced Scout category (First Class Rank and higher).   

 We also won a Special Award Ribbon for being one of only two patrols who completed 12 out of 15 events.  These ribbons will be attached to our troop flag, and will live immortal as the stuff of legends.

 While other troops, patrols and adult leaders whined about the heat and inconvenient scheduling, our young men stepped up and did the job they were tasked to do, causing other troops to ask, “Who ARE those guys?” Or “Cowboys in Danville?”

But it just didn’t end with the boys.   They wanted to test what the leaders were made of, too.  Our heroic Doug Gin came in Second Place in the final, fearsome event, The Scoutmaster Competition!  I saw a lot of riled up scoutmasters who didn't see this contender walking into the final showdown, and leaving them in the dust.

 What’s the morale of this Tale of the Wild West?  It’s “Every dog, or Jelly Bean, has his day”, and our Troop 236 proved that we are a force to be reckoned with, I reckon.

 Partners, when you see one of the Magnificent Eight in a troop meeting, make sure you tell em, “I heard ‘bout your feats, and I don’t mean your smelly ones”.  Can I join your posse? 

 Do just that.  Join them next year and keep the legend of 236 alive.

John Pluth

BSA Troop Committee Chair

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